Natalya Vega makes him wear a pig mask and busts his balls

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Starring: Natalya Vega

Date Added: Jan 21, 2024

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You're a fucking pig, aren't you? Trying to hit on me, trying to cop a feel? I'm 18, you freak! Is this how you treat your interns? Well, this is what you look like now, and you're gonna lose your job if you don't follow every fucking thing I tell you to do. Oink for me! Do you see those balls of yours that get filled up every time you fucking see me? Every time you try to look down my shirt? They're in for a hurtin'. Get up! Wow, you really thought you were gonna do something with that thing? I'm gonna kick your balls in. Where are they? They're gonna be up inside of you when I'm done! —Natalya Vega


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